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Grace Fernando one of our past pupils, passed away last Monday, after a long illness. Our school will be closed on Wednesday 4th July as this is the day of Grace's Requiem Mass. This will be celebrated at 11am at St. Mary's Church in Euxton. Please remember Grace and all the Fernando family in your prayers.
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Who's Who


Our Staff


Headteacher                                                    Mrs. A Grice


Assistant Headteachers                                Mr. T Bradshaw and Mrs. Z Gibson


Class Teachers

Reception                                                        Mrs. P Chester  


Year 1                                                               Miss. R Garner / Mr W Preston


Year 2                                                               Mrs. Z Gibson / Miss R Droogan


Year 3                                                               Mr. D Miller


Year 4                                                               Mrs. A Clewlow


Year 5                                                              Miss. L Head


Year 6                                                               Mr. T Bradshaw


Teaching Assistants                                       Mrs. J O’Donnell                 Mrs. A Palin

                                                                          Mrs. P Scott                        Mrs. P Cribbin

                                                                          Mrs. A Bebbington              Mrs. S Philbin

                                                                          Mrs. A Cadman                   Mrs. M Thomas

                                                                          Mrs. A Webster                                                     

                                                                          Mrs. A Taylor



Office Manager                                                Mrs. D Almond

Assistant                                                          Mrs. J Gillibrand


Site Supervisor                                                Mrs. J Tiffin

Assistant                                                          Mrs. P Robinson


Schools Meals Unit Manager                        Miss. K Derbyshire


                                                                         Mrs. L Griffiths



Lunchtime Supervisors                                  Mrs. A Dunderdale            Mrs L Williamson

                                                                          Mr.  A Vaughan                  Mrs K Keyte

                                                                          Miss A Rourke                   Mrs L Walmsley