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Welcome to Eco St. Mary’s Catholic Primary School Euxton. Eco Tip for the Week! The environmental charity Friends of the Earth have set the world a challenge to live plastic free on one day each week Why not join in their challenge #Plastic Free Friday.
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Who's Who


Our Staff


Headteacher                                                    Mrs. A Grice


Assistant Headteachers                                Mr. T Bradshaw and Mrs. Z Gibson


Class Teachers

Reception                                                        Mrs. P Chester  


Year 1                                                               Miss. R Garner / Mr W Preston


Year 2                                                               Mrs. Z Gibson / Miss R Droogan


Year 3                                                               Mr. D Miller


Year 4                                                               Mrs. A Clewlow


Year 5                                                              Miss. L Head


Year 6                                                               Mr. T Bradshaw


Teaching Assistants                                       Mrs. J O’Donnell                 Mrs. A Palin

                                                                          Mrs. P Scott                        Mrs. P Cribbin

                                                                          Mrs. A Bebbington              Mrs. S Philbin

                                                                          Mrs. A Cadman                   Mrs. M Thomas

                                                                          Mrs. A Webster                                                     

                                                                          Mrs. A Taylor



Office Manager                                                Mrs. D Almond

Assistant                                                          Mrs. J Gillibrand


Site Supervisor                                                Mrs. J Tiffin

Assistant                                                          Mrs. P Robinson


Schools Meals Unit Manager                        Miss. K Derbyshire


                                                                         Mrs. L Griffiths



Lunchtime Supervisors                                  Mrs. A Dunderdale            Mrs L Williamson

                                                                          Mr.  A Vaughan                  Mrs K Keyte

                                                                          Miss A Rourke                   Mrs L Walmsley