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Year 5

Home Learning Year 5

3rd July 2020


Dear Parents,

The following work has been provided for your child to complete WC 06/07/2020.



White Rose Maths

This week, please complete Summer Term, Week 10, of the White Rose Maths with your child. I have attached the video clips for each lessons. These can also be accessed on the White Rose Maths website.


Log in to the SumDog website to learn & play for up to 60 minutes each day. Congratulations to Emily, who topped the ‘Learning Time’ table last week. A super effort by Grace, Annabel and Olivia. Congratulations also go to Matthew and Olivia (FDP Challenge), Emily, Maya, Olivia and Dylan (Divide by 10 or 100 Challenge) and Olivia, Matthew and Emily (Spelling Challenge). Three more challenges will be set for this week.



Writing LPDS Week 11 Space - see attachment. This work should be handwritten but can be typed up afterwards if you wish.

Spelling Log in to the SumDog website (as you would do for the arithmetic) to learn & play for up to 30 minutes each day.

Reading and Comprehension On the ‘Active Learn’ website, your child should read the online books (which they have been issued) and answer questions about what they have read. Depending on the length of book, your child should aim to complete one - two books each week. Please remember to check the teacher comments with regard to your child’s comprehension. You can do this by clicking on the small envelope icon on the library tab.




On the Purple Mash website, your child has been set topic work and computer coding activities. The work will become active at 9.00am on Monday 06/07/20. It will also indicate when each piece of work should be completed by. 



Lancashire School Games has created a ‘Stay at Home Games Programme’. You can access the timetable for Week 10 beginning 6th June – 12th July by following this link:

Year 3-6 timetable-



Please contact me at the following email address if you have any queries:

Kind regards,

Miss Head

Year 5 Class teacher





Welcome to Year 5


This page provides information on what pupils in Year 5 will be learning.